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The .NET is that the technology from Microsoft, on that all alternative Microsoft technologies are looking on in future. It is a serious technology modification, introduced by Microsoft, to catch the market from the SUN’s Java. Few years back, Microsoft had solely C++ and Java, however Java was catching the market in no time. With the planet relying a lot of and a lot of on the Internet/ web and java related tools changing into the simplest selection for the online applications, Microsoft appeared to be loosing the battle. ExlTech is a center for career guidance in DOT NET training. They provide practical training for Basic to Advance level C# training with live projects. Our Syllabus for Dot Net training course is been designed by the qualified industry experts as per the layman industry needs. Trainers of ExlTech are immensely knowledgeable in technical concepts, committed to convey the best in that particular subject.


ExlTech promises you to deliver best Dot Net Training with all the interview preparation and placement guarantee and soft skills training. Our faculties square measure terribly supportive , they provides technical support even when placement of candidate for his or her career growth. This is the best training Institute in Pune to start your career in ASP DOT NET Training where you will get best practical oriented Dot Net Training with 100% Placement guarantee.

Thousands of programmers touched to java from C++ and Java To recover the .market, .Microsoft announced .NET


The training program of .net by ExlTech is suitable for all the students who are willing to make career in programming field and the professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge. We see thereto that the idea and sensible sessions go as an alternative and effectively. Upgraded .Net professionals square measure in demand in development corporations. ExlTech has come up with the Exclusive Dot Net Training course.

ASP.NET could be a server aspect scripting language created by Microsoft and is intended to provide dynamic web content. It plays important role in several applications used for Windows platform. Many types of software are produced by combining the source code with .NET framework. Microsoft also produces an integrated development environment largely for .NET software called Visual Studio Now it becomes high demand programming language.


The Origin of Dot NET

Coding languages before Java and .NET would compile the ASCII text file and send it on to the computer code so the processor might execute. As a result, the processor alone may interpret the code, whereas the software engineer had to manage resources just like the allotted memory. Java and .NET freed up the programmer’s time by taking memory management off his hands. They could also examine the compiled code from within the running code, thus allowing the programmer to create rules for examining application code and repetitive programming tasks.


Advantages and Dis-advantages of .Net

In its very early days, programming was a daunting task for any programmer. Different types and makes of computers had their own architectures, and with computing power being expensive, programmers were given the task to create specific machine instructions for their program. These instruction mnemonics, basically symbolic language that computers could read, would help different machines interpret the same program. The process of translating instruction mnemonics to processor off codes and translating variables to off code memory addresses was slow. Besides, large systems meant millions of such instructions. That is when higher level languages such as C and C++ came into play, and allowed programmers to spend more time on problem solving than on helping machines interpret commands.


Advantages of .NET

• It allows the use of multiple languages

• It has horizontal scalability

•.NET creates a unified environment that allows developers to create programs in C++, Java or Virtual Basic


• Interfaces easily with Windows or Microsoft

• All tools and IDEs have been pre-tested and are easily available in the Microsoft Developer Network.


• UI best practices are more consistent

•Language integration is seamless, as you can call methods from C# to VB.NET

Disadvantages of .NET

• Restricted object-relational (OR) support because it comes solely with Entity Framework


• Does not come with multiplatform support from Microsoft, and is not available right after installing Visual Studio

• The managed code are often slower than native code

• Involves a seller lock-in, and future development is solely dependent on Microsoft


• Migrating applications to .NET can be expensive

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Applications of .NET

• Developers will use .NET to design applications for specific business functions such as finance, CRM, supply management etc.


• It can also be used to re-design applications to serve growing needs of an organization

• Provides platforms, tools, and a programming environment for addressing the design and overall management of distributed and multi-tiered applications


• Provides individual and business users with a seamlessly practical and Web-enabled interface for applications and computing devices

• permits the whole vary of computing devices to figure along

• Provides customized access and delivery of products and services to the user from a single starting point for managing various applications, such as e-mail


Benefits of The Dot Net Training

On the skilled front, each engineer or would-be programmer needs to understand on what are the Dot Net Training benefits, one will gain.


It is a powerful language to learn. Learners will realize the Dot net artificial language carrying a unique strength. It is the language that boasts of reliable design that may deliver nice exposure to varied computer code tools and programs.

It offers great career hike. As per the reports, a professional owing experience or expertise of handling .Net programming language has never seen deterioration in terms of employment opportunities available for them. Instead, its demand had forever seen a hike and nowadays conjointly, it’s increasing day by day.


It offers a great salary. On a median, a Dot Net programmer earns a salary of 4-6 lakhs. You can easily expect more by improvising your skill set. All you have to do is to sharpen your knowledge, timely and you can easily move towards a lucrative career stream.

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