Tools Required for Hardware and Networking Training


There are lots of requirements in the field of Hardware and Networking .If you are planning to do the Hardware and Networking Training Then it is nice. I am not able to mention each and every requirements but I will try to cover most the important topics in this blog. Because of the increasing demand in hardware and networking the demand of the courses and the hardware and networking training also get increases very rapidly. We believe that the students who wanted to learn hardware and networking the Training taken provides the interactive practice exercise and theoretical concepts which is very essential to becoming experts.


Hardware and Networking Training

Under the hardware and networking domain, the hardware and networking training provided all of the latest sequences and skills which is very important for those who want to make your career in this field of hardware networking. After getting the training you get all of the answers to your questions like how parts of computers are interconnected, what is the purpose of sharing data etc. In the IT industry, hardware and networking is a very demanding field. So If you want to secure your career in this go with the hardware and networking training. exltech is one of the most popular hardware and training institute in Pune.


Topic Covered in Hardware and Networking Training

1. Computer Hardware Topics in Hardware and networking training

-Inside the PC:

You’ll study Hardware needed to assemble a laptop.Like, RAM, HDD, CABINET, CPU, KEYBOARD and MOUSE etc.


- Troubleshooting: I this you’ll cowl the way to determine the matter and the way to resolve that.

- Windows:

You’ll cowl the way to install windows like 7/8/10/XP.

- Assembling:

In this you’ll find out how to assemble components of the pc etc.

2. Computer Networking Topics in Hardware and Networking Training


Basic about Computer Network like History about network and terminologies etc.

-IP Addressing:

You will learn IP versions and IP classes.

-Network Model:

In this you will teach LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, SAN models.


You will learn about networking protocols such as IP, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS,IPX.

- OSI Model:

You’ll study Layers however traffic goes from one finish to alternative finish.


In this you will learn how to tackle with issue with command like IP config, IP Trace and any hardware failure.


- Networking tools:

You’ll study what Hardware needed to create a network such as: Router, Switch, Firewall, Computer, Cables.



In this you will cover for cables which designed for communication like Twisted Paid Cable, Serial cable, Coaxial cable etc.


About Us:-

ExlTech are experienced, highly qualified and committed to provide top notch job oriented Hardware and Networking Training to candidates. . It provides very secure placements. The teaching faculty is also well experienced, qualified and able to give 100% job assurance to every candidate. Workshops shall be conducted for getting the updates. Certification is also part of the training. After successful completion of your training, you will be certified.


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