Hardware and Networking is a field where professionals work with different physical components of a system. Hardware And Networking involves connecting two or more systems with the goal to share information and resources.


A few years back, Hardware and Networking was not considered as a promising career option. Things have changed tremendously since then and Hardware and Networking has emerged as one of the most lucrative careers available today in IT industry. Every company, whether an MNC or a small start-up require manpower skilled in computer hardware and networking.

In today’s digital world, no company can run without people having these skills even for a single day. Hardware and Networking is not only limited to laptops, this career has spread from tablets to mobiles and to the virtual world.


In working life, hardware professionals deal with computer systems, motherboards, RAM, processors, circuit boards, modems, printers and keyboards. Technical and analytical skills are most important in succeeding in this field. Also, good communication skills add a lot of value to your career growth. In fact, hardware professionals also need to know about software as these are interlinked and not isolated from each other.

Working of Hardware and Networking professionals:

•Assembling computers and increasing their efficiency.

•Installing and Maintaining Systems.

•Connecting systems effectively whether physically or virtually.

Why You Should Choose Hardware and Networking?

•Plenty of job opportunities available in the market.

•Hardware and Networking is backbone of any organization today.

•It is the fastest growing career, both in Private and Public sector

•Professionals are paid well with lots of job satisfaction

•Out-of-the-box thinking required with research opportunities.

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Hardware and Networking professionals find job opportunities in varied industries whether it is software, BPO/KPO, media, banking, animation, manufacturing, education, entertainment, system design companies, telecommunication, hardware repair shops and so on.

In contrary to a standard story that this field isn’t appropriate for females, Hardware and Networking is equally meant for men and women. In fact, today you may notice many women coming into this difficult field and creating a mark for themselves.


Various Job roles Offered to Hardware and Networking Professionally:

• Technical support specialist

• IT support technician

• IT support administrator

• IT support specialist

• Desktop Support Engineer

• Windows System Engineer

• Network Support Engineer

• Network Associate

• System Administrator

• Windows Server Administrator

• Technical support specialist

• Network Administrator

• Network Analyst

• Network SME

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In Hardware and Networking you will determine concerning CompTIA – A+, CCNA, Understanding Network Routing and Managing advanced Multi-Site Network Infrastructure, Understanding and Configuring Client/Server OS Network Stacks, Learning and Managing Wireless Network Infrastructure, CCNA – Voice, CCNA – Security, Understanding and Implementing Software Defined Network in an Enterprise, JNCIA (Juniper Network Certified Associate), Security Fundamentals (CCSA, CEH, CISA, CISSP).

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